Mecanic screen rake for fish farms
Cogwheel rake
Hydraulic screen rake
Mecanic screen rake of Lumbres, Pas de Calais - France
Pocket rake and grids
Protection boom
HYDREO ENGINEERING designs, manufactures and installs hydraulic and mechanical trash rack cleaners of all types such as stationary, mobile, hydraulic, single arm, chain type etc...
HYDREO ENGINEERING is a major player in the design and implementation of trash racks and trash rack cleaners. Its products are particularly known for their technical expertise, robustness and longevity.
Trash Rack Cleaners

HYDREO ENGINEERING SAS au capital de 1 573 800 Euros
Epinal B 310 189 782 - Siret 310 189 782 00041 - TVA FR 52 310 189 782 – APE 2562B

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